Chef Michele Haines

Food Philosophy

I grew up in the Touraine region of France and learned about food, wine and cooking from my grandparents. The Café serves the same traditional country fare I grew up with, and over the years we have added dishes from cuisines of other countries that I have visited. The Café has always been a BYOB restaurant because I love the idea of a place where you can eat good food, and not be limited to someone else's wine list.

Institutional Philosophy

From the very beginning I have tried to make the Café into an institution that is involved with the various communities in which it thrives. We have developed or participated in fund-raising events for causes such as Friends Without A Border, the Lupus Foundation, ActionAIDS and Doctors Without Borders. We have staged educational events ranging from a dinner discussion about Charles de Gaulle sponsored by the World Affairs Council, to nature hikes through Morris Arboretum.

I am personally intrigued by the links between literature and food. The Café has held special literary evenings that feature menus related to authors from many different cultures accompanied by readings from their works. Recent examples include: Georges Sand, Virginia Woolf, Marcel Proust and James Joyce.

Come and enjoy my love of food and life,

Michele Haines

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